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- Public Transportation: If you decide to make this wonderful trip, one option is make it by public transportation. You must go to Quitumbe station (in the south of Quito) where you can take the Flota Pelileo bus at 06h00 (am) or Baños Express bus at 07h00 (am). There are fixed departures. The cost is $10.oo per person, and the trip to the city of Tena lasts about 5 hours. We recommend the first option to arrive early, which allow you to enjoy the delicious food of the area and gives you time to buy your tickets at the Centinela bus station to the 13h00 bus to Puerto Misahualli. The cost of this new travel is $ 1.oo per person, and it takes about 45 minutes; you should be at the station a 15 minutes before departure. After you have crossed de Napo river bridge at 200 meters you will arrive to Misahualli Wildlife Center. When you arrive to Misahualli Wildlife Center, our staff will be waiting for you to take you to our Lodge in canoe. 

- Private/own Tranportation: If you are traveling in your own car, it is recommended that you leave Quito before 7h00 am, because it takes you about 5 hours to get to Tena and 45 minutes more  to arrive in Misahualli Wildlife Center.  You do not have to worry about leaving your car in Misahualli Wildlife Center, because there is a parking space where a family is in charge of guarding the car. You can have breakfast in Baeza, we recommend "Gina’s restaurant" (trully!). For lunch in Tena, we recommend the Amazonas restaurant or "All Deli". Please remember that we will have dinner waiting for you at the lodge on fist day. When arriving in Tena, take the road towards to Puerto Misahualli, road the ride way to Misahualli. Then our staff of Misahualli Wildlife Center will be waiting for you.     

-By Plane (not always available): Flights every week,  Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Quito to the city of Tena. If you arrive to Tena by plain we will pick up you at the airport and take you to Misahualli   



Puerto Misahualli (Province of Napo - Ecuador)

Direction: Puerto Misahualli, 200 meters after the bridge of Misahualli River, in front of the Paicawe lake


Weather:  Misahualli Wildlife Center is located in the rainforest, which is caracterized for heavy rainfalls through the year with recipitations among 3,000 and 4,000 mm3 and humidity between 85 to 95%.  From December to March, it has a marked dry season, the rainy weather goes from April till July; and from August to November precipitations are moderated.  The annual temperature ranges over 5 Celsius degrees (77 Fahrenheit).