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MINIUM PROGRAM: 2 days and 1 night
MAXIMUM PROGRAM: 5 days and 4 nights

FIRST DAY (Day 1): Arriving at Tena city, our guide will be waiting for you and will drive about 45 minutes to Puerto Misahualli, located along the Napo River. Near the Paikawe lagoon is Misahualli Wildlife Center, our reservation. In the lodge will be greeted with a typical drink known as "guayusa" place and then you can get comfortable in our traditional Amazonian style huts. After a short break, we will have the opportunity to practice using the blowgun and have an interesting explanation of how to use the "curare" (plant poison that was used by the Kichwa community to hunt). Following the program, the native guide will teach birds, mammals and other animaes in their natural habitat found in Misahualli Wildlife Center and Paicawe lagoon.

Dinner will be at 19h00 and if tourists want, take a night walk and sail in paddle canoe to see insects, tarantulas, caimans and look etc, enjoy the sounds of the jungle.

SECOND DAY (Day 2): After breakfast at the lodge, we will initiate a walk in to the primary forest of Misahualli Wildlife Center. A short walk of two hours, in which the native guide will show us some species of plants and their medicinal uses. With luck we will see monkeys, birds like: orioles, hoatzines, parrots and other animals. One of the most interesting and strange birds Amazon is definitely the hoatzin (Opisthocomus hoatzin), which has a blue face and his coat "punk" has a horrible smell which is why it is also called the stinking bird.
This walk is very exciting and requires more effort, but in turn is rewarding for the experience of being in touch with the real primary forest. We return to the lodge to serve a delicious lunch and after a short rest, visit to the Kichwa family members to appreciate their way of life, very simple but quiet in the way passengers can observe, interact and learn about the native guide of local crops such as coffee plantations, bananas, cacao, cassava, papaya, pineapple, orange tree, sugar cane and others. Also you can see (and buy) ceramic utensils, necklaces and other beautiful handicrafts made by the Kichwa people. You will have the opportunity to taste the ancient drink "chicha". Continuing with the program, we recreate doing activities like Tubing, Kayaking or simply enjoy a refreshing dip in the waters of the Rio Napo. Return to the lodge enjoy a special dinner and finally we will have a farewell bonfire for people who will only be two days and a night with us.
THIRD DAY (Day 3): For those interested in birdwatching, we get up early in the morning (5:30 am) in order to enjoy the sightings of different species present near the lodge. To do this, we will canoe paddle in the Paikawe lagoon, a part of Misahualli Wildlife Center
FOURTH DAY (Day 4): Start 8:00 am in the morning after breakfast we moved to a private transport to the tip of Ahuano where we will board a motor canoe to navigate the Rio Napo and then enter the Arajuno river will visit the monkey island where you can see species of monkeys. Then we will go to the Animal Rescue Center of the Amazonian traffic where a walk for an hour and a half will be, in this tour you will meet species of birds, mammals and reptiles. Visit a museum traps. Return to the lodge to enjoy a special dinner and finally we will have a farewell bonfire.

FIFTH DAY (Day 5): Breakfast 7:00 a.m. after take toward the Huaorani territory for about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Gareno where we have a unique experience with the Huaorani Indians. We will be able to share with them about their life in the jungle, the use of hunting weapons as the blowgun, spear; how they survive in the jungle; natural medicines, the removal of curare (poison to hunt animals) and climb in the trees, flat; artezanias with seeds. All this in the virgin forest of the Amazon, our ancestral territory. We will have lunch in this area Gareno. Dinner will be at 19h30 and will stay in Misahualli Wildlife Center Lodge in a natural environment.

The day you want to weturn after breakfast we say goodbye to our friends in Misahualli Wildlife Center, our guide will help you take the public bus to the city of Tena and other destinations.